Update your SOLOVOX V9 and V9S by using USB flash disc

As a SOLOVOX V9 or V9S user, if you have a full firmware package, as you know, for your update, you can easily install it to your satellite device.

In order to finish your installation, you first need to download the firmware file, which you can find them from our download page, in general. And of course, please transfer your firmware package to your USB flash disc. This is the part I assume you are familiar with.

Update SOLOVOX V9/V9S with U Disc

  • Insert the USB flash disc to your SOLOVOX satellite device
  • Go to Tools menu
  • Select Upgrade By USB
  • You are in the Upgrade By USB menu, select BinFile Upgrade
  • Please select /udska1
  • Please select the firmware file you transferred
  • Confirm your installation by selecting Yes
  • It should begin the installation process, you will see a progress bar, please wait for it to complete

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