Change audio source to AUD3 MP2 to resolve the sound problem of some Spain channels when using SOLOVOX V6S

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If you are one of SOLOVOX V6S users in Spain, you may be finding that the audio source of some channels seems like a problem. That’s because some Operators upgraded the audio system for their channels.

Then there is a tip for you to try to get rid of that audio problem. Based on some Spain users, it should be available for some channels. In other words, not all channels can be all resolved with the tip we are talking about. Anyway, you can try it. At least it has been confirmed by some of the V6S users in Spain.

Resolve the sound problem of Spain V6S users

  • Open the Audio menu (maybe called Multi Audio)  when watching the channel appearing the audio problem by pressing the AUDIO button of the remote control
  • Change the audio source to AUD3/MP2 or other options
  • If it is available, the audio should be resolved automatically

As I mentioned above, you can try some other option when you find multiple options on the list, such as AUD2/AC3, AUD4/MP2, AUD5/MP2, and much more.

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