The SOLOVOX 2020 11.11 Sale Specials Festival coming soon

Thank you for supporting us. As you can feel it, the SOLOVOX 2020 11.11 Sale Specials Festival will soon start, the SOLOVOX official AliExpress store is prepared to offer you some special discount activities.

At this special Global Shopping Festival, we will offer a good price for some products, which including SOLOVOX V8S MAX, V6S 2G RAM version, etc..

Also, we would very much to see you can follow our store. Then, once you followed our store and became a fan of our store, we will send some big discount coupons to you frequently. You can even get some goods by using US $5.

You know, the 11.11 Sale is an eagerly awaited event each year. It’s going to be a big festival and we are thoroughly looking forward to it.

So, dear friends, favorable start, let us move.

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