Use Power CW IKS CAMD function on SOLOVOX V6S

With the latest V2.3.20 firmware update, we introduced a new free IKS CAMD function called Power CW to SOLOVOX V6S users.

While it is currently only available for Spain users, as I mentioned, it is obviously an amazing new function. So, how should we enable this new function on our SOLOVOX V6S? That’s why you are here, right? Let’s take a look at it.

Enable Power CW IKS on SOLOVOX V6S

  • First please make sure you have updated your SOLOVOX V6S to the latest V2.3.20 firmware version
  • Update your Spain channel list to the latest V23.20 server version
  • Go to the Tools menu and highlight the Advanced Setting option
  • Enter into the Advanced Setting and switch Power CW option to On, once Status information¬† is Login Success, Power CW function is then working
  • Enjoy the new Power CW IKS function

If your channel list is not updated from the server, please go to the Installation menu and enter into the Satellite List option, then make sure the longitude of the satellite named astra is 019.2.

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