Connect the SOLOVOX V6S to Internet: Wire Network, Wi-Fi Network, 3G Network and USB Network

There are four possible ways to connect your SOLOVOX V6S to the Internet. The network connections, then, is where we fix our attention in this article.

The four network connection methods of the SOLOVOX V6S are Wire Network, Wi-Fi Network, 3G Network, and USB Network. When you select one of the Link Type options from the Network Setting menu of the NetCenter screen, you can find these four connection types. Of course, please select your link type as needed.

Link Types on SOLOVOX V6S

  1. Wire Network
  2. Wi-Fi Network
  3. 3G Network
  4. USB Network

So, how to use these link types on our SOLOVOX V6S? It is not a difficult thing for anyone.

Wire Network
  • Just plug in the LAN cable to the network port
Wi-Fi Network
  • Make sure you have a USB dongle device because the SOLOVOX V6S has not built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Please refer to this guide for detailed information
3G Network
  • You need a 3G modem device such as Huawei 3G modem
  • Just connect your 3G device to the USB port of the SOLOVOX V6S
USB Network
  • You need a USB device with support for logging to the Internet such as an Android phone, make sure you have enabled the USB tethering option generally located in the Tethering & portable hotspot menu of the Wireless & networks screen
  • Connect your USB device to the USB port of the SOLOVOX V6S

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