SOLOVOX V9 and V9S Software: Edit Channel, Installation, System Setup, Tools, Multimedia and NetCenter

About your satellite device SOLOVOX V9 or SOLOVOX V9S, would you like to know what the softwares should be main concerns? Well, you are in here, you can have a look if you like.

Similar to the softwares of SOLOVOX V8S Plus, which mainly includes Edit Channel, Installation, System Setup, Tools, Multimedia and Net Center.

Edit Channel

In this interface, you can edit the channel info with the remote controller.

  • Channel Edit
  • Favorite Edit
  • Channel Setup
  • Favorite List Edit
  • Delete All Channel


In this interface, you can set up the satellite parameter and search program.

  • Installation Antenna
  • Satellite List
  • Tp List
  • Motor Setting

System Setup

In  this interface, you can set up some system functions, including system language, interface display, resolution, time and etc..

  • Language
  • TV System
  • Display Setting
  • Time Setting
  • Timer setting
  • Parental Lock


In the Tools screen, we can check software info, restore the device to factory defaults, read CA card, upgrade SW via USB, back up the device and set up the push notification.

  • Information
  • Factory Setting
  • CA
  • Upgrade By USB
  • Backup
  • Push Notification


In the Multimedia interface, we can display multimedia from USB devices and set up multimedia displaying.

  • Media Player
  • Media Setting
  • PVR Setting


In the NetCenter screen, we can set up the network, upgrade SW via network, run network applications like free IPTV, New TV+, Wheel TV, NOVA TV, YouTube and etc..

  • Network Setting
  • Web Server
  • Upgrade By Network
  • Network App
  • Latest News

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