Place an order for modifying the price on our AliExpress store

Sometimes you may want our salesman in AliExpress to modify the price for a new order. However, many users of those may not know how to do. That’s why you are here. We will talk about this kind of things in this article.

As we all know, such things about modifying the order price always easily happened. Such as, as a large order, you want us to give you a big discount.

Place an order for modifying the price

  • First click on the product you want to buy to go to the product page, then click on Buy Now/BUY NOW button
  • Now you are in the Product Options page, please set up some options like Ships From, Color, Quantity, and more, and click on Continue to continue
  • Now you are in the Order Confirmation page, please fill in the information about your address and select your payment method, then click on PLACE ORDER button
  • Now you are in the Payment page, here please make sure you don’t click Pay Now/Save&Pay
  • Please directly exit Payment page, now you can ask our AliExpress salesman for modifying the price
  • Once we have modified the price for the order, you can then pay it

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