Use MARS TV or MARS TV PRO on Android devices

#181024 Use MARS TV & MARS TV PRO on SOLOVOX V9S and V6S

A couple of months ago, we introduced the new IPTV service called MARS TV. At the same time, we brought the PRO version of MARS TV.

As we mentioned before, the MARS TV and MARS TV PRO are supported for lots of Android devices, which including Android phones and Android boxes.

So let’s just to see how to use the MARS TV or MARS TV PRO on an Android device. We use MARS TV PRO as an example for all the illustrations.

Use the MARS TV PRO on Android devices

  • First you need to have an activation code that can be bought from the SOLOVOX AliExpress store
  • Install the MARS TV PRO application to your Android device, you can download the APK package of application you need from our Download page. Once you have installed the application, you should find the relevant app icon appeared on your device’s desktop
  • Open the application, you will see the activate interface
  • Please enter your activation code in the activate code bar
  • Click on the Activate button to activate the using of MARS TV PRO
  • Once the MARS TV PRO has been activated successfully, you can see the expiration time of your activation code. Then please click on the Enter button to the main program interface
  • Now you are in the main interface, and please click on the Live to enjoy your TV programs

Please kindly note that you can’t mix the MARS TV and MARS TV PRO, because they are entirely different IPTV services. In other words, you can’t apply the activation code of MARS TV on the MARS TV PRO and vice versa.

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      Dear Friend, Are you using MARS TV X? It includes VOD. You can get in touch with our AliExpress team through the SOLOVOX AliExpress store for further information. Or you can also directly WhatsApp our team (+8618665886944).


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