Back up the CCCAM accounts on SOLOVOX V6S

We should back up the important data we are using on our SOLOVOX V6S like CCCAM accounts and much more before we are going to update new firmware. We should have a good habit, let’s take an action part together.

Through reading this article, we will learn how to back up the CCCAM accounts on SOLOVOX V6S.


  • Please make sure you have a USB disk and insert it to your SOLOVOX V6S
  • Please go to the NetCenter menu
  • Please go to the Camds Setup menu. Here if you have not this function option, then manually enable it
  • Please go to the Cccam Clinet Setup menu
  • Press the blue button to save the current CCCAM accounts with your remote control
  • Once you have seen a message saying Save Successful, your CCCAM accounts have been successfully back up to your U disk
  • You can enter into your U disk by pressing the white square stop button to your U disk, then you can find a new file named cccam_accounts.txt, it is the CCCAM accounts file you backed up
  • Now you have successfully back up your CCCAM accounts

By the way, it is easy to set up your CCCAM accounts on your SOLOVOX V6S.

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