Use MARS TV X through the Xtream Code protocol on SOLOVOX V6S

MARS TV X is a good IPTV service. By using the Xtream Code protocol, it can be run on the SOLOVOX V6S well. So how do we go about doing this? That’s why we write this guide.

For easy-going starting, let’s say you have a MARS TV X subscription.

Use MARS TV X through the Xtream

  • Please go to the NetCenter menu
  • Make sure you have enabled the hidden Camds Setup option
  • Please enter into the Camds Setup option and select the IPTV option
  • Please enter into the IPTV option and set up Type to XTREAMCODE
  • Set up your MARS TV X subscription parameters (Host Name, Username, and Password) for Xtream Code protocol
  • Once your MARS TV X parameters are configured, please back to the NetCenter menu
  • Please enter into the Network App option and select XTREAM icon and start your MARS TX X journey

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