How to solve the list link has been expired problem of Wheel TV

#180910 Wheel TV is closed and replaced it with better MARS TV

If there’s a prompt that link has been expired when using Wheel TV, and also, your Wheel TV is still within the expiry date, that’s because you have logged on to Wheel TV for a long time without an exit, and our line verification code is out of date.

Generally, after logging on to Wheel TV and getting the TV listings successfully, the listings is only valid for 24 hours. On this, you must get it back again for more than 24 hours.

So you can easily solve your Wheel TV problem about list link is expired, let’s show you how to do. There are tow situations: users who are using digital satellite devices like SOLOVOX V9S, V8S Plus, F6S, R8 and much more or users who are using a mobile phone or Android box.

Solve the Wheel TV prompt that list link has been expired

For those who are using a digital satellite device
  • Power off the device
  • Restart the device

You can certainly login and get the listings again after exit.

For those who are using a mobile phone or Android box
  • Please quit Wheel TV
  • Reenter your Wheel TV

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