What is CCCAM

Here, you know, it is the world of satellite reception.

Before the question of CCcam, let’s learn some things about the Card Sharing first.

About the Card Sharing

We are talking about the Card Sharing. With this technology, it is possible to share with others via the Internet.

I’m going to assume that you aren’t familiar with this term or you’re hearing it for the first time. In short, the Card Sharing is a method of the sharing of subscription cards among different owners of satellite receivers.

There is an easy way to allow you to understand what the Card Sharing method is. If you have a smart card contracted to a payment platform, and thanks to an Internet connection, you can enjoy all the rights you have contracted with your card in another place.

That is, if you are contracted to a platform, you have your satellite receiver, your smart card is connected, you can then view all the channels that you have contracted in your place. And then some day you go to another place, with the Card Sharing, you can also enjoy what you are subscribing without having to move your entire installation from your original place to your new place. In other words, it means that you can share your payment results with other people.

Or you can imaging this situation, you have a second house on the beach, you would have to contract another subscription to the satellite operator to see what you have already paid for. That means that you have to contract two equal subscriptions to enjoy it in bother places. You know, because we need to charge twice for the same service, this is definitely an abuse by the satellite operator. That’s why the Card Sharing methods become useful.

However, the Card Sharing method should be used by the same subscriber who acquired the conditional access card of the satellite operator. On this, if it was used by other users, it may not be, you know, legal. Of course, this depends on each country. In the case of your country, you should take advice from a lawyer to see if it’s legitimate.

Now let’s turn back to the CCcam.

About the CCcam

To make the Card Sharing available for sending the commends from one place to another, it need certain communication protocols that allow the flow of information between different decoders. And, the CCcam is one of the most modern and powerful communication protocols we are seeing.

Lately the CCcam has had a great growth due to the good support.

Actually, you can see the CCcam as an emulator that can simulate the presence of the smart card. Or in simple terms, the CCcam is a program or system that transmits codes among satellite receivers. 

The satellite receivers such as SOLOVOX R8 typically support more than one communication protocol of the Card Sharing. In addition to CCcam, many other protocols are widely supported, they are usually called cam emulators, such as Newcam, MGcamd and Avatarcam.

Before you can use these protocols properly, you have to configure them. In general, you need to set its host name, port, user name and password. For example, you have a smart card and you want to use it, first you need a satellite receiver, then you need to set up CCcam on your receiver.

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