The complete channel lists of IPFOX

#180613 New MARS TV with more channel lists is now available
#180511 new channel lists is available

We talked about the channel lists of Wheel TV yesterday. Now let’s see another channel lists of IPTV service called IPFOX.

IPFOX supports 2000+ channels, there are therefore plenty to choose from. You can expect a lot of news, sports, movies and much more from the various countries and regions including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Norway, Brazil, United States, Bulgaria, Asia, India, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and African.

Similar to Wheel TV, IPFOX supports many satellite devices including SOLOVOX V6, SOLOVOX V8S Plus, SOLOVOX V9 and SOLOVOX V9S. It is also compatible with many other branded products from our factory, such as OPENBOX V8S Plus, OPENBOX V9S, VONTAR V9S and SMBOX SM9. Moreover, IPFOX also supports Android devices, which includes all Android set top box devices and hundreds of millions of Android phones.

If you just want to enjoy this IPTV on Android phone, you need to install the relevant Android APK app installation package, which can be downloaded from our download page.

Back to our topic, you can get the full channels from the file below.

IPFOX Channel Lists

  • IPFOX Channel Lists – Rev. 180511.pdf
  • IPFOX Channel Lists – Rev. 180424.pdf

So if you want to try this IPTV service, please tell us in the comments section. Or you can directly contact our customer service to get some test code.

In principle, IPFOX service can work perfectly well in any countries and regions. However, it depends on your internet connection.

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