SOLOVOX V6S Software: Edit Channel, Installation, System Setup, Tools, Multimedia and NetCenter

The SOLOVOX V6S consists of six different main software interfaces, they are Edit Channel, Installation, System Setup, Tools, Multimedia and NetCenter. On this, it is similar to other SOLOVOX satellite boxes like SOLOVOX V9 and V9S.

Edit Channel

In the Edit Channel screen, we can manage the channels. Such as, we can edit the favorite channels.

  • Channel Edit
  • Favorite Edit
  • Channel Setup
  • Favorite List Edit
  • Delete All Channel


In the Installation screen, we can set up the satellite parameters and search the channels.

  • Installation Antenna
  • Satellite List
  • Tp List
  • Motor Setting

System Setup

In the System Setup screen, we can change some system parameters. Such as, we can set up the system’s natural language.

  • Language
  • TV System
  • Display Setting
  • Time Setting
  • Timer setting
  • Parental Lock


In the Tools screen, we can take some remedial actions. Such as, we can restore the device to factory defaults, back up the device and set up the push notification.

  • Information
  • Factory Setting
  • CA
  • Upgrade By USB
  • Backup
  • Push Notification


In the Multimedia screen, we can display multimedia from USB devices and set up multimedia displaying.

  • Media Player
  • Media Setting
  • PVR Setting


In the NetCenter screen, we can do some things related to networking. Such as, we can set up the network of the device, run applications like MARS TV.

  • Network Setting
  • Upgrade By Network
  • Network App
  • Latest News

6 thoughts on “SOLOVOX V6S Software: Edit Channel, Installation, System Setup, Tools, Multimedia and NetCenter

  • March 22, 2019 at 12:07 am

    My SOLOVOX V6s have problem – self Restart.

    • March 25, 2019 at 12:28 am

      Hello Daniel,

      Have you tried to recover your device to factory setting to solve your problem?


    • May 22, 2019 at 12:50 am

      Hola,Buenos Días.
      Puedo utilizar este Decodificador acá en Chile,para sintonizar todos los canales HD del satélite Amazonas 61W?

      • May 24, 2019 at 6:28 am

        Hello Jorge, we don’t know it.

  • December 19, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Hola me regalaron uno pero no se como funciona lo instale pero no funciona nada…hay que tener parabolica? El WiFi no funciona lo conecte con cable pero nada

    • December 20, 2020 at 12:30 am

      Hello friend, if you do not watch satellite channels, you then do not need a dish. With a WiFi network, you need to set up the network first. There is a guide for your reference.


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