STB Smart Client makes Android phone as remote control to control SOLOVOX V9 and V9S

This is actually a web server feature. Yes, a special function focus on the control using your Android phone.

With the STB Smart Client, you can easily make your Android phone as a virtual remote control and control your satellite box device like SOLOVOX V9 and V9S. Literally we can remote control box devices do all the things it can do, such as a variety of management and play operations.

Of course, the premise behind this function is that your satellite device support it. As I mentioned above, SOLOVOX V9 and V9S have such a web server function.

USE STB Smart Client

  • Make sure your have installed STB Smart Client application on your Android phone. If you have not install it yet, you can get standard APK installation file directly from our download page, and manually install it. After installation, you can see the app icon of STB Smart Client on your phone screen
  • From the box device, enter into into the NetCenter screen and select Web Server
  • Set Switch status to On, and please note that the Login Name (Here is root), Login Password (Here is root) and IP Address
  • Please open the STP Smart Client app on your Android phone, choose the one that has the same IP Address you saw when you switched the box’s Web Server switch to On status, please note that the connection status is Not connected
  • Similarly, please input the same Account Name and Password,  then Login
  • Now you can find the connection status is Connected
  • Now please enter the main menu on the upper left, there you can check the connection status (Connect), remote control the satellite box (Remote), display TV program (DVB), set the receiver (STB Setting), DLNA and Miracast

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