Use stalker protocol (MARS TV X) with StbEmu on your Android device

StbEmu is an Android application for users to watch IPTV, especially for IPTV using Stalker protocol. The StbEmu is developed by the developer called Maxim Vasilchuk.

Through this article, you will know how to use MARS TV X’s stalker protocol with StbEmu on an Android device. We use an Android box as an example for all the discussions and illustrations. Thanks to an eager community participant for providing a reference.

Use MARS TV X’s stalker with StbEmu

  • Please download and install StbEmu application on your Android device
  • Open StbEmu application, Close the update information
  • You are now on a black screen or a blue screen with some words
  • Press the Menu button with your Remote Control
  • You will see the main Settings menu
  • Please clicking on Settings and enter into the Settings screen, then clicking on Profiles and enter into New profile or ADD PROFILE
  • You are now in your profile settings screen, please especially note the three options: Profile name, Portal settings, and STB configuration
  • You can set up your profile name by Profile name option
  • Please clicking on Portal settings and enter into the Portal settings screen
  • From the Portal settings screen, clicking on Portal URL and set up the MARS TV X’s stalker portal URL provided by us
  • Back to your profile settings screen, clicking on STB configuration and enter into the STB configuration screen, please especially note the MAC address option
  • From the STB configuration screen, clicking on MAC address, and set up your MAC address
  • Now you are all set up, please back to the main Settings menu, clicking on Profile and select your profile
  • The StbEmu application starts to load your MARS TV X’s stalker protocol profile
  • After loading is done, you can find the relevant MARS TV X IPTV services
  • Enjoy your MARS TV X

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