Recover SOLOVOX V6S to solve most of software problems

Sometimes, the SOLOVOX V6S may appear the problem of playing because of improper option, such as the playing is not smooth. Actually, for most of the box’s problems, we can easily solve it by recovering a new firmware file.

This approach is very efficient and the accuracy is good enough. All you need is a U disc and the firmware file.

Recover the SOLOVOX V6S

  • Please download the firmware file from the Download page, such as the V2236 firmware file V2236_SOLOVOX_V6S_LEDF_SKV9.bin.gz
  • Please unzip the firmware file you downloaded, you should get a bin file, such as V2236_JS_UNETIN_AUTH_XTREAM_QUICKEPG_STALKER_SWDOLBY_IPFOX_AVATAR_IPFOXADULT_BIGLOIP_LOGIN_NEWLED_CHNLIST3COL_MENA_SOLOVOX_TRUE_V6S_LEDF_SKV9.bin
  • Please rename the firmware file to romnew.bin and transfer to the root directory of the U disc
  • Please Power Off the SOLOVOX V6S satellite device
  • Plug the U disc into the SOLOVOX V6S satellite device
  • Power On the satellite device and press the Menu button on the remote control quickly and continuously until you see the Download From USB screen
  • The SOLOVOX V6S is now recovering
  • Once the recovering process is completed, the SOLOVOX V6S will reboot automatically

This, of course, is a very important solution for fixing software problems, it can even solve that the SOLOVOX V6S doesn’t normally boot. Anyway, most of the software issues that you could encounter will be identified by this solution, and in many cases, the solution will offer a quick fix to resolve them.

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