Back up the system and channel list on SOLOVOX V9 and V9S

Full system backups are good things in their own right, and we strongly hope you back up your system on at least a semi-regular basis.

As a SOLOVOX V9 or V9S user, you can easily back up the whole system including software and channel list to your U disk.

Back Up SW and TP List

  • Plug your USB disk in to your V9 or V9S
  • Make sure you have powered on the device
  • Go to the Tools menu and select the Backup option
  • You are now in the Backup menu, as per your needs, you can choose the Channel List Backup or Mirror image Backup option to back up your data
  • Once you have successfully back up your data, you can find it in your USB disk, if it is Mirror image Backup, then the file is AllFlash.bin, if it is Channel List Backup, then your file is ChannelList.bin

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