Use WebTV on SOLOVOX V8S Plus

SOLOVOX V8s Plus features a special app called WebTV. With this article, we’d like to make it easy for you to use this special function.

Actually, WebTV has a slick and intuitive GUI that keeps it barebones so that you can easily navigate the app.

Use WebTV

  • First please create a txt file on your computer, for example, the file you created is 123.txt
  • Open the 123.txt file, and make your channel links, make sure your WebTV channel sources format is correct
  • Rename the 123.txt file to or 123.m3u, here make sure your file name is *.itv or *.m3u
  • Transfer the or 123.m3u file to your USB disc, and plug into the SOLOVOX V8S Plus
  • Please go to the Network Local Setting menu
  • Please go to the Network App menu and select the WebTV item
  • Press the Blue button to show the *.itv or *.m3u file from your USB disc
  • Select your *.itv or *.m3u file
  • Press the OK button, and when shows Upgrade successfully, means you can watch channels
  • Enjoy your channels

One thought on “Use WebTV on SOLOVOX V8S Plus

  • January 4, 2023 at 10:47 pm

    Error: Upgrade failed. Please try again
    Openbox V8S Plus `20220510` and `20200630` firmwares
    But worked fine on `20170328` firmware


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